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Summertime Happiness

Wed May 31, 2017, 7:34 AM
Hoping to keep this short and sweet.

Summer is here and the artist alley gauntlet has officially begun for me! CEO is in 2 weeks, followed by EVO in July and Super Smash Con in August. All exactly one month apart, by the way! I've set up a full week + several individual days throughout the months to devote solely to commissions and giveaway prizes, and unless we've spoken about it already, I still won't be taking anything new until August. Thank you ONCE AGAIN for your patience!! I've been hard at work nearly nonstop and things are finally starting to pay off. c: <3

Commissions are set to re-open the week of August 14th. More details on that in the middle of the summer, though slots will be extremely limited. I will open one final time before the new year in October for those wanting gifts for the holidays.

AND THATS IT, if you're attending CEO on June 16-18, see you in a couple of weeks!

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*Added Pre-orders for a couple of Magnemite (6"), Alola Vulpix (8" or 14") and an Agumon plush that was commissioned. Buyer never paid the remaining half, so he's for sale at half the original cost + shipping.*


I have a coupon in use!! Use the code "4FREE4FREE" to receive free shipping on orders over $60 (U.S. only)!! This code will expire on May 24th, and return to $90 minimum for free shipping.

All leftover cheebs MUST GO since I'm re-designing them!! Cheebs in my shop are currently $15 off.  Others will be added soon as I have a few in-progress. 

Also I am re-designing some of my patches so that they use a smaller color palette, and in the future they will all have a set price, rather than varied. Some of the patches will be retired. Among them will be full-body humans (Peach, Corrin, and ZSS), Pokemon GO teams, small Squirtle, and small stitchface. 

I am also considering putting Alola Raichu and Popplio up for sale as well...I honestly have sooo much I need to part with due to space constraints and such. We'll see we'll see~

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EVO + BIG changes for future events!!

Wed Apr 19, 2017, 2:24 PM
edit***: Just got the news yesterday morning, I was chosen to sell at EVO in Las Vegas this year!!!! For those who are unaware, EVO is the world's largest fighting game event. I've gone the last couple of years as just a player/spectator, but this year I wanted to try out their artist alley. So any hope of me opening a commission slot or 2 in the summer is now GONE because I'll be selling at CEO, EVO, and Super Smash Con and they are all one month apart. Anyway hope to see some of you guys there!!

CEO: Dreamland just passed. I have some leftover merch + a few preorders available in limited quantities, so be sure to put in an order soon!


After finishing up the commission list (which is looking to be around May 9th now, prototype work delayed it a bit, apologies!!!), I'll be taking a few days to work on costumes, and then starting back up on merch. After 2 years I feel my cheeb-style in particular is a little out-dated, so I'm completely revamping them into a newer, cuter chibi style!! I'll have examples of them soon, and they will be available for commission in August, alongside the older design. Also working on different styles of plush for a wider variety of price ranges, and hitting more characters that don't get as much attention as others. SO GUYS PREPARE FOR SOME REALLY RAD STUFF FROM ME SOON.

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Marcho Marcho

Fri Mar 31, 2017, 7:46 PM
I guess since I really only use this as a portfolio site, I'll probably stick to end-of-the-month updates.


I'll be tabling at CEO: Dreamland on April 14-16. It takes place at the Wyndham Orlando Resort. The event is *NEW* and catered to Smash, and if you've ever been to a CEO event, you know how hype it gets, so stop by and visit!! I'll have plushies, patch-pins, keychains, and possibly a few hats.

My birthday was March 12. IM OLD AND 25. Thank you all for the birthday wishes!! I spent that weekend in Atlanta with some close friends and it was great~

The day I wrote my last post here, I was approached to work on a commercial prototype job!! I can't say too much about it, other than the fact that it's been the main factor for the bit of commission back-up and IM SUPER STOKED about the content of it. We didn't anticipate so many drafts and design changes BUT it's finally in a good place, and once it's off the table I can work more freely on commissions. It was an opportunity I couldn't decline...I've always wanted to design prototypes for a big company so this is getting my foot in the door haha;; I cant wait to share it with you guys!!
I've also been getting sick a lot? About once a month since January I've been getting colds. Really odd since I've been working out and generally living a much healthier lifestyle since November. Hoping last week was the last time for a long time.

Anyway, gonna start answering emails and continue work!! As usual, thank you all for your patience. I'm so excited for CEO: Dreamland to come and go so I can focus back on commissions.

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New Shop is UP ! ! ! + Updatez

Tue Feb 28, 2017, 6:40 PM


Right now there isn't too much besides a few leftover cheebs, scarves, and patch-pins from my previous event, Tampa Never Sleeps. In the future I hope to have it stocked with made-to-order plush and new merch! I have a lot of plans to expand my merchandise; we'll see how it goes over these next few events. \o/

Commissions open on March 6th at 10AM (EST). This will be the last time I take commissions until August. Guaranteed for 2 artist alleys over the summer, and waiting to apply on a 3rd, so I'd rather not have to juggle a commish load this time. Check out my prices and information form and get a quote today. NO CHEEB COMMISSIONS OR PAYMENT PLANS THIS TIME, sorry!! I have some really exciting news that I can't share just yet; but it'll cause a bit of back-up if I take on too much work, so commissions will be extremely limited this time. Please understand and, if you're unable to get a spot, shoot for August!!

I've decided to use deviantArt as just a portfolio and update site. Therefore I've replaced my commission info here with a link to my website.


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New website!

Tue Feb 14, 2017, 6:43 PM

Finally made a website!! Just in time to order new business cards. \o/ Was a little tiring sending clients to my deviantArt and them being completely lost with how to find things ahhhh. Still have some things to work on but it was definitely public-ready I believe \o/

That's pretty much all I've got. Back to the sewing lab!!

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Genesis 4 Recap and Update!!

Mon Jan 30, 2017, 11:05 AM
I HAVE A LOT OF DEVIATIONS SCHEDULED TO POST OVER THE NEXT FEW DAYS. Sorry for the lack of posting but I am a l i v e ~

Just checking in since it's almost FEB. Getting commissions done after a busy weekend at Genesis. I have a really good pace going so I'm hopeful I'll finish even before my next artist alley event. Commissions will re-open again in March. I'm leaning towards March 3rd, but I won't be opening until every single commission and giveaway prize is completed so it's still tentative.

Genesis 4 was fantastic by the way!! I have a few DK tie scarves left but everything else has been purchased at the event or claimed the day I got home by online fans (thank you btw!!!). There were a few hiccups this year, but I will most likely be returning because Genesis 3 was nearly flawless and I believe they can improve on their mistakes!

My next artist alley events:

Tampa Never Sleeps (Feb 25-26)
CEO: Dreamland (April 14-16)
CEO (June 16-18)
Super Smash Con (Aug 10-13)
CEOtaku (Sept 22-24)

100% confirmed for all of these, and *may* try to sell at something in November-December? Haven't decided yet!
I'm also adding my full event schedule (including non-artist alley events) to the front of my page, so you can check that out if you wanna meet up/have a commission delivered in person (save on shipping)!!

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Commissions are opening today!! :star: Commission Info
Feel free to send in the form to get a quote, or reply to our current email chain to get a slot after 10am EST.
That deadline kept getting pushed back yikesss; in November I started focusing a bit more on myself and my health so it stalled progress a bit, but I've got a great plan that allows for small breaks to keep the creative flow going so I can avoid burnouts~ I also realized last year, a lot of commissions got backlogged due to artist alley prep, especially the last-minute decision ones. This year I've anticipated ALL upcoming events I plan to sell at, so I have a good idea of when to re-open commissions or work on new giveaway prizes without worrying about severe delays. The new year is looking good so far!! \o/ Thank you for your patience everyone!!

I usually do little year-in reviews, but I have so much work to do. Just know this year was INCREDIBLE and hoping to end 2017 on an even stronger note!! Happy holidays and happy new year!!

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Delay of Progress oh no

Fri Dec 9, 2016, 1:45 PM
It was time to renew my subscription and lately it's been giving me some issues since I'm transferring to my new laptop. Also took my embroidery machine for a check up. I feel that the tension got damaged during a design I was doing for a friend ;; So depending on when I am able to get my machine back + my software running again, some projects might be a little delayed past the Christmas season ;u; Although I am opening commissions again on January 3rd, the older commissions will still be a priority. If you have any questions regarding your plush, drop me a PM or email!!

That said, here are the list of everything that was embroidered within the last week, before the issues occurred. These are guaranteed to be shipped out before December 21st.

Commissions: Mercy cheeb, Chair (OC), Carlos (OC), Sakura + Syaoran, Kadin
Giveaway prizes: Shademan.exe, Sukuna Gojo, Houndoom pokescarf, Zorua pokescarf

Everything else will be finished throughout the rest of December + January.
Can't wait to be caught up again \o/

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Sat Nov 19, 2016, 6:48 AM
I am THE worst at updating this place xx

- Commissions will be re-opening January 3rd, 2016 at 10am (EST). Originally I had planned to open in mid-February, but after doing some event planning for next year and being realistic on my travel stamina (LOL), I decided I didn't want to be out of work for very long. I will be taking up to 12 slots, which will be fulfilled for Valentine's day!! These are NOT special chibi slots, so the +$40 surcharge would apply. I also will be a bit more particular on what humanoid characters I take. I ENCOURAGE ANY AND ALL CREATURES THOUGH.

- I am finished with events that would affect the current commission list schedule!! So everything (sans winter cheebs w/o deadlines) will be shipped out for the holidays. Working in order has been so difficult, especially since most of the list is made up of humanoids, so I've been all over the list to avoid falling behind. Better to work on something than NOTHING.


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It was honestly probably my favorite event to vend at this year, so the fact that it's over now is a little bittersweet.

It feels great to get a real break from merchandise though, and to be getting back to more varied projects!! I'm super pumped to be getting back to commissions and prizes and personal projects (I've got a bunch of those let me tell you). General commissions won't open again until February, a little after Valentine's day. I'll have an exact date at some point. If you're into chibis, I will be opening special chibi slots in early November. I only tweet about it the day of, so be sure to follow me there to stay updated on when it opens.

In other news...I GOT MY PASSPORT TODAY!! I'll be in Canada on October 27th-31st for Canada Cup just as a spectator! I also plan to visit Japan for my birthday next year, and then of course EVO Japan in January 2018. SO EXCITED FOR INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL (finally)!!!

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COMMISSIONS CLOSED + other details

Tue Sep 13, 2016, 6:58 AM
I was unable to make an official post due because I was very sick over the weekend, but commissions are definitely closed now. I have enough work to last me through the rest of the year. Thank you so much to everyone who has commissioned me this year!! To those that emailed me the day after and did not receive a reply: I will be answering with quotes that will be valid the next time I open. I wish I could have taken everyone's orders ;;

CEOTAKU (Oct 1-2) is my last serious artist alley for the year, so I will be working on commissions for those. After that, I'll be working down the list!! There is also another event 3 weeks later, but it's smaller-scaled so I dont plan on spending much time on merch. Once again I won't be taking any emergency Christmas commissions this time due to events I *hope* to be selling at in January. 

I hit 2k followers on my twitter recently, which means I'll be throwing a giveaway at some point!!! Need to finish all ongoing prizes first, and finding time has been difficult. BUT SOON.

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Today's the day!!
I applied/plan to apply for artist alley at 2 events in January, so the possible next time I plan to open general commissions is February 2017. I will be taking about 20-25 slots. This round, as well as all previous rounds, will be mailed in time for the winter holidays. I will NOT be taking anything with deadlines before December unless we agreed upon it already.

Reminder to review my commission info before sending me an inquiry. DO IT. 

I will be answering EMAIL quotes until I fill up all slots. I WONT be looking at any deviantart notes regarding commissions. 
You can only claim a slot via email, either by replying to our current email chain, or re-sending your inquiry with the quote I gave to you.
I may be a little bit choosy about projects this time. I REALLY want to make Alolan Pokemon/humans, Pokemon I havent made before, fighting game characters, and 4-legged critters, so those may take a bit of priority. Otherwise it's first-come first-serve!!

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DRAGONCON DONE, back to work

Tue Sep 6, 2016, 7:22 AM
Yesterday I got home from an intense weekend in Atlanta!! However shortly after stepping foot in my house, Florida weather did what it does best and turned our sunny, hot neighborhood into a river within an hour. There was a power outage as well, and it was just restored only 10 mins ago. It's been a rough couple of weeks...

Anyway! Dragoncon was incredible this year!! I managed to finish 3 new costumes: my Pokemon GO trainer, Alola Raichu gijinka, and Kat from Gravity Rush. Didn't take too any full body shots of the costumes but I'm hoping to do a little shoot of them when the weather permits so I'll have more cosplay to post here! The plush business has been going super well, but it felt nice to go back to the reason why I began sewing: TO MAKE COSTUMES. I also bumped into the incredible makeshiftwings30 ~ She is an incredibly sweet plush artist and customer and I'm so excited for our trade/my future commissions with her!! 

Back to work on the commission queue, and soon the CEOtaku merch train. I'm excited to work solely on anime fighting game merch this time!! So expect some adorable Guilty Gear, Blazblue, Skullgirls, and Persona plushies pretty soon \o/

Reminder also that commissions will re-open on September 9th at 10AM (EST)!! I will be making an informative journal the day before. They will remain open until I have a list that will last me through November. These slots will be your only chance to get a plush by Christmas, as I won't be taking any rush commissions until February next year due to possibly 2 events in January!

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Super Smash Con is OVER

Wed Aug 17, 2016, 7:24 AM
As the title states~
Super Smash Con was an absolute blast. Artist alley service and profits exceeded my expectations, and there was sooo much to do after a long day of sales. I only had 3 weeks to prepare, but ended up with much more inventory than any other event I've sold at! I definitely plan on returning next year. If you care even a tiny bit about Smash Bros, that convention, you should consider it too!! I'll post about leftovers I have very soon! 

I've been in my sewing room since the day I got home (what is a REST DAY), so expect some major changes to the commission list within the next 3 weeks (as well as giveaway prizes; haven't forgotten those)!! Commissions will re-open on September 9th at 10AM (EST). I have 3 dozen emails to work through from this past weekend alone, so if you sent one, you will be hearing back from me shortly. My next table is CEOtaku (October 1-2). I need about 3 weeks to work on merch for it, so the September commission wave will be started on in October. I will be taking enough to hold me over til mid-December, so if you're looking to order for Christmas, that would be the time!

Also Dragoncon is in 2 weeks!! I won't be selling there of course, but I will be gone from September 1st-5th, and there will be a couple of cosplay days before then. Nothing to really affect the schedule, but just a heads up!!

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Fri Jul 29, 2016, 5:04 PM
Just a little update-o~

Super Smash Con is less than 2 weeks away. After that's done with I will BE FREE FROM WORKING ON ARTIST ALLEY MERCH until after Labor Day!! I get to work on commissions and giveaway prizes and costumes for DragonCon. Getting my normal life back temporarily is pretty exciting! Tomorrow I will be attending Anime Festival Orlando for the day to meet and party it up with friends, then it's back to the grind.

Thanks for being patient with commissions (and prizes). I was a little ambitious trying to sell at 3 summer events and I'm ready to move on to new things ;;

I also have several things to post here. Hoping to schedule some things to post before bed!!

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Commissions Closed!!

Fri Jul 8, 2016, 10:57 AM
They closed within 5 minutes after the timer hit 0 and invoices have just been sent out. I actually accepted 11 because a couple were so small and simple I could fit 2 in a day. Thank you so much to everyone who sent in an email!! If you did not receive a slot, I'm giving priority if interested in September, so contact me 1 day before I open (date tba).

This time went VERY smoothly, much nicer than last round. I'll definitely be taking commissions via email only, and implementing a set time for as long as I do slots! \o/

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Sorry for lack of update!!! I've been breezing through commissions so I can hopefully get a good headstart on Super Smash Con merch before heading to Vegas for EVO next week!

Just a reminder, I will be re-opening commissions on July 8th at 10am (EST) (countdown is here…). I've decided to implement an opening time to give everyone a fair shot, especially since I will only be taking 3 to 8 projects this time due to Super Smash Con merch prep and Dragoncon mental prep!

Reminder to review my commission info before sending me an inquiry. DO IT.

I will be answering with quotes up until bedtime on July 7th.
I WONT be answering any quotes or looking at any deviantart notes the day of.
You can only claim a slot via email, either by replying to our current email chain, or re-sending your inquiry with the quote I gave to you.
I may be a bit choosy if a project I really want to do comes up, but for the most part it will be first-come first serve.

There is sooo much interest this round, and I know I'm going to feel awful turning people down. But please remember I will be re-opening again in the next couple of months!

Late August: CEOtaku commissions- for those attending CEOtaku on October 1-2
Early September: general commissions- will be taking a more regular amount of slots; up to 20.
Random date in August: Special cheeb commissions (it'd be best to follow me on twitter for this as I announce there first and slots go within the hour)


Completely forgot to make a little update from CEO!
Still my favorite event to sell at. It's always nice to be able to sell at a large event without the worries of out-of-state traveling [with plushies]. This time I had a super awesome group of friends who helped run the table when I needed to get away, and other friends who came throughout the weekend to keep my company. Sales went super nicely! I left my house with over 90 plush and came home with less than 1 dozen. Leftovers are all smash-related and will be available at Super Smash Con next month!
For the first time, I tried a silent auction as well! That turned out amazing and the winner is so happy with her new R. Pika! I definitely want to do more auctions in the future.
The only downside was that Gengar's soundbox stopped working, so I had to take it out! ;; I still have him and plan on putting in a brand new sound box, so if you're interested in purchasing him, let me know! ($200 + shipping)
My next artist alley will be Super Smash Con (August 11-14). Not really looking forward to having to ship merch to Virginia, but the event is looking so big and promising!
CEO 2016 Table by Lexiipantz

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As the title states, I'll be taking new commissions on July 8th!! SET YOUR CALENDARS~
I will be taking NO MORE THAN 8 PROJECTS this time around. These would be finished by the end of August, and any commission needed for Super Smash Con will be completed by the con as well. Current commissions AND ALLLL giveaway prizes will be done before I re-open (FOR REAL), and I will be making a journal entry on how to properly get a commission slot the day before. 
If you have a deadline in July or August that isnt Super Smash Con, I will likely not pick your commission due to the fact that I WILL be working on artist alley merch in both months and I dont do well under a lot of pressure (((anymore))). Sorry for the inconvenience ;;;

I've gotten over a dozen Rowlet requests, but I am not taking any more than 1 Rowlet this time for sanity's sake.

This is also general commission, so cheeb commissions will be +$40.

If you don't get a slot in July, never fear!! I'll be re-opening a more normal volume of commissions right after DragonCon, sometime after September 5th.

Now DAT COMBO BREAKER!! A+ event, will be back regardless if I sell there again or not. c: I'm so floored by the amount of people who recognized my work and even moreso the amount of people who contacted me during and after the event for commissions. For real, individually crafting merchandise for events is SO MUCH work, but fans make it super worth it. I'm too excited for CEO (3 WEEKS OMG) the rest of the events I'll be selling at this year! Also just the overall vibe from the entire event experience and attendees was nothing but positive and I have no idea how they're going to make it better next year because it was incredible~ \o/

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Wed May 25, 2016, 10:17 AM
In less than 24 hours I'll be in Chicago! I'm SUPER nervous about traveling alone (original travel buddies ended up backing out ahhh) so I hope the transition from airport to hotel will be smooth. I'll be setting up my table display right away. c: Once I'm all settled in, I plan on getting down to answering commission inquiries during slow times. If you don't hear from me by the end of this weekend, please feel free to resend as it may have gotten lost!

Here's the bulk of the merchandise I made to sell. I'll also be bringing other things I've had made for a while (ie the remaining flying Dragonite!). !!GET HYPED!!
Img 20160524 113419 by Lexiipantz

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